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Rice is the plant of Asian origin. The earliest record of rice in the world comes from Non Nok Tha in Thailand, where it dates back to 3500 BC. Oryza sativa the rice grown in India and south east Asia is first mentioned in Neolithic Chirand in North Bihar (2000-1300 BC) and was also recorded in Hastinapur (1100-800 BC) and some other places.

The rice plant consists of the roots, stem, leaves and panicle. Rice passes through the following l0 stages during its growth cycle: (l) germination and emergence, (2) seedling, (3) tillering, (4) stem elongation, (5) panicle initiation, (6) panicle development, (7) flowering, (8) milk grain, (9) dough grain, and (l0) mature grain stage. Traditional varieties require about l50 days of growth to reach the mature grain stage whereas the modern, high yielding, very early maturing varieties can be harvested in as few as 90 days after sowing

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