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Research and industry

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I always keep hearing that Research agencies have come out with new and effective varieties of seeds for wheat,rice etc. No apart from the farmers their is a bigger user ie the agribiz customers like Parle,Britannia, General Mills etc. What efforts are being made by the research agencies to align with the needs of the industry.

For instance Psyllium husk is a small crop but huge export potential , Procter and Gamble is the largest buyer of it in India- we have not heard any research being done to save or enhance the crop.

needs some views onthis from the various participants please.

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psyllium husk?

This is isapgol isn't it? I'd no idea P&G is the biggest buyer. What do they do with it - do they have a brand? Dabur brands psyllium but the old favourite is Telephone brand, in the green pack.

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