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Report on agropedia training workshop at Narendra Dev University of Agriculture & Technology, Faizabad


The IIT-K agropedia team visited Narendra Dev University of Agriculture & Technology (NDUA&T) Faizabad, for a training workshop on agropedia portal and knowledge models. The main purpose of organizing a workshop in the university was to demonstrate the agropedia portal to the agricultural students and spread the awareness of agropedia and knowledge model in the university with the believe that the way of gaining knowledge is spreading and sharing knowledge in the community as a whole. The workshop started with a warm welcome speech delivered by Dr. B.V.S. Sisodia.Professors like Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. J.P. Mishra and Dr. Basant Ram Vice-Chancellor of the university were also present among the guests.

The agropedia team from IIT-Kanpur consists of the technical experts: Mr. Govind Murari, Mrs. Meeta Bagga Bhatia & Miss Shriddha Mishra.  Dr. Vimlesh Yadav was among the agricultural expert and Mr.Krishan Dubey from the admin background.

Later, on continuation to this Meeta Bagga briefed on the total overview of agropedia portal. She explained as how agropedia is different from other agricultural sites, the difference between certified and uncertified content and the other basic features and functions of the site. This was followed by a presentation demonstrated by Mr.Govind Murari. In the presentation he explained the methods of creating account, how to become a registered user, Extension Material and method to add content to Library, Dos & Don'ts and Crop Calendar. Shriddha Mishra focused on the  Interaction part of agropedia were she covered the method to create wiki page, write a blog entry, forum, upload images and agrochat - were a registered user can chat with the online agricultural experts. The facility of private chat is also available. Dr. Vimlesh Yadav explained the Knowledge Models prepared on different crops. He also showed the method of creating knowledge models based on the guidelines prepared by our agricultural experts.

Hands on Practice session

In the hands on practice session the participants are asked to browse through the whole website and check the features and functionalities of the site. They are asked to create their own account and can also create their own wiki page, blog entry and forum. The agropedia team is present to assist the participants and help them in browsing the site.


Quiz Session

After sharing the practical knowledge we the agropedia team arranged a small quiz session were the participants are asked to clear their doubts in the way of question and answer forum. The agropedia team raises questions based on the agropedia site and ask the participants to answer. The participants are awarded with agropedia goodies for the every right answer. Ultimately this session remained the most enjoyable and interactive part of the whole workshop.



Overall the workshop remained a successful one. We thanked the participants for being a patient listener and for a warm co-operation. The students and the professors of the university appreciated the agropedia site and defined it has a huge knowledge bank on agriculture related information for the whole agricultural community. The learners showed keen interest in preparing knowledge model and were glad to know the new way of learning.