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Report on agropedia training workshop, Naini (Allahabad)


The IIT Kanpur-agropedia team arranged for a training/workshop at Allahabad University Naini, to import agricultural related knowledge and train the research scholars on agropedia and openagri portal. The main reason behind visiting the Agriculture University (Naini,Allahabad) and organizing for a training workshop there was only to spread awareness of agropedia and openagri: An Open Access Agriculture Research Repository among the Ph.D & M.Sc students (agriculture domain) of agriculture university (Naini Allahabad) with the only believe that the  way of gaining knowledge is spreading and sharing knowledge.

The students belonged to different disciplines and specialization like (mushroom, fisheries, water management, home science, seed technology, medicinal and aromatic plantology etc).

Participants here were less trained and had less computer skills due to which they had to face bit difficulty in grasping the things explained. But at the same time they had a very strong intensity to learn the new phase of agriculture. They cooperated with us throughout the workshop well and appreciated the concept of uploading journals and articles related to agriculture in openagri: An Open Access Agriculture Research Repository very much.

The agropedia team which conducted the workshop is as follows:- Dr. Sharwan Shukla, Dr. Rahul Kumar ,Mr. Amit Tripathi, Mr. Nitesh Kumar Singh.



The Inaugural and Training session

The workshop was started with a warm introductory speech conveyed by Mr. Amit Tripathi as briefing on what was the main objective behind conducting various workshop and how the content added by various people from different domains will be helpful to the whole agricultural communityand also to people with less or no agricultural background but has interest in agriculture and wants to plant a small kitchen garden of its own. He further laid importance on explaining the use of agropedia and openagri: An Open Access Agriculture Research Repository as well as giving a view as where do we see agropedia three years down the lane.

Mr. Amit Tripathi also explained the usage and the three important features of agropedia (Knowledge models, Extension material and the Interactions part). Amit and Nitesh helped the participants in navigating the whole site. Mr. Nitesh Singh explained about "openagri" portal. He explained in great detail how academic community, mainly in agricultural domain, can take advantage of openacess repository. People were keen to understand the delineating line between semantic and syntactic search which was effectively explained by Amit. The concept of Free tagging was also catching interest.

The whole knowledge model part was conducted by Dr. Sharwan Shukla. He explained the usage and operations of cmap tool in complete detail and pointed out the functionality of Knowledge Models covering all the doubts raised by the audience. He also demonstrated on the preparation of knowledge models of different crops based on the guidelines formed by our agricultural scientists and experts.

This was a very informative and interactive session.


Hands on session (Post lunch)

In this session we give the practical knowledge to the participants. This was a very useful session where almost all the participants are asked to create their account and the agropedia team just assists them a little. The participants go through the whole site and are asked to share some knowledge by creating their own wiki page, blog and forum. The participants are trained on the procedure of uploading the contents and images, searching the contents, how to chat, preparing the knowledge models and many other interesting functionalities of agropedia.    

They were looking forward to the time when we will have content in all our nine crops.

Those who brought their laptops we installed cmap tool on their machines, those who didn't we gave them the tool on their memory sticks and demonstrated the installation procedure.


Feedback and Issues

The team gave their best to explain and clear all their doubts and queries.

Overall a very nice and good learning experience.



agropedia team-Agriculture University (Naini, Allahabad).