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Report on agropedia training workshop at Maharana Pratap Agriculture University , Udaipur


The IIT-K agropedia team organized one day training workshop at Udaipur, (Maharana Pratap Agriculture University) on 17th May, 2010. The workshop was organized with a belief to let people know about agropedia and also the new features added to it like open agri and sending messages to the registered users. Many faculties and agricultural students participated in the training workshop and showed interest in knowing about agropedia. There were 46 Ph.D scholars who attended the workshop. The IIT­-K agropedia team who conducted the workshop consisted of Mr. Jeetendra Singh, Dr. Sharwan Shukla, Nitesh Singh and Rahul Rai.

Presentation On agropedia

Mr. Jeetendra Singh started the first session of the training workshop with a brief description on agropedia, its features and functions. He explained the basic things about agropedia as how agropedia site is different from other agricultural sites. The difference between semantic and syntactic search- the two types of searches which is only available in agroepdia portal and the difference between certified and uncertified content. Further on, he gave a live presentation on the portal explaining the Extension Material part which includes-Library, Dos and Don'ts and Crop Calendar, showing the methods of creating own wikipage through agrowiki, writing a blog through agroblog and posting a question and answer through agroforum and the procedure of chatting through agrochat in the Interaction section.  He also explained the procedure of uploading content, writing or replying to a comment, uploading images to the site.

Later on, in continuation of the workshop session Dr. Sharwan Shukla focused on Knowledge models the main attraction of the agropedia portal. He gave detailed information on the ten crop knowledge models being displayed in the agropedia portal. He focused on the method of creating a knowledge model of a particular crop following the guidelines prepared by our agricultural scientists. Currently, there are ten knowledge models being prepared on different crops and displayed in the site.

Mr. Nitesh Singh took over the openagri- An Open Access Agricultural Research Repository section of agropedia.  He explained the process of uploading Conference Papers, Journals Articles and Book Chapters in the open agri section. In this section of agropedia one can upload any agricultural related papers, articles, thesis, books or any book chapter which is related to agricultural and share their knowledge and experiences. It also helps other agri experts, scientists and Ph.D scholars in increasing their personal knowledge and knowing the latest techniques and methods of cropping being applied in the agricultural field.


Hands On Session

After lunch we started for the Hands On session. Here our main motive stands providing practical knowledge to the participants. The entire participants are told to browse through the agropedia site. The participants are told to create their own account and become a registered user, learn the methods of uploading content, images to the site, writing a wiki page in agrowiki, blog and forum and how to interact through chat. In this session they also learn to prepare knowledge models on different crops and uploading journals and articles in openagri. The agropedia team is always present there to assist the participants in case they get stuck somewhere or have any query.

In continuation to this we conducted the question and answer session. In this session we raise question related to agropedia site and the participants are asked to answer. The participants get chance to clear their doubts and ask question.

After workshop we had a meeting with Director and he showed his willingness to collaborate with agropedia. In the second day we had a small meeting with Vice-Chancellor, we gave him the agropedia brochure and brief description about agropedia. He looked impressed and gave very good response and showed interest for further collaboration as well. He even said that one day workshop is not sufficient so he is interested to send some research scholars at IIT Kanpur for week training.

Outcome of the Training/Workshop

1. The Vice- Chancellor is interested to send some scholars at IIT Kanpur for training so that they can use the agropedia site efficiently.
2. They have a Touch screen with off line agriculture data that is running in the kiosk and they want to upload agropedia over the touch screen system
3. They showed keen interest and agreed to upload research papers in openagri, but they need some more training for better use and be friendly with the website.

Looking forward for further collaboration with Maharana Pratap Agriculture University, Udaipur.