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Report on agropedia training workshop at Indian Institute of Pulses Research (IIPR), Kanpur


A training programme on agropedia was organized jointly by IITK, and IIPR, Kanpur. The main aim of this training programme was to give a proper demonstration of the agropedia portal and create knowingness among the agricultural scientists. The scientists belonged to different areas of agriculture like crop improvement, crop production, crop protection, crop physiology, biochemistry & Microbiology, agricultural extension, statistics and computer application and agricultural engineering. All the scientists looked inquisitive and were eager to know and create their account in the agropedia portal. The participants had good computer skills which really helped in grasping the things in an easier way.

The whole agropedia team attended the workshop, which started with the registration of the participants attending the workshop. A warm welcome speech by Mr. Devraj, the Programme Coordinator IIPR. Prof. T.V. Prabhakar started the workshop with his introductory speech and also discussed some facts about the agropedia project. Later on, the agropedia team members gave a brief demonstration on agropedia portal and power point slides related to the portal and Knowledge Models. The scientists were keen to learn about agropedia. agropedia team members also helped the scientists  to clear their doubts and understandings about agropedia.

Overall, it was a nice experience and the scientists were eager to learn about the portal which included latest technology used for agriculture, new diseases and a website were they can find a vast knowledge bank related to agricultural information.

Inaugural and Training Session

The workshop began with Prof. T.V.Prabhakar’s introductory speech in which he focused on the overview of the agropedia project, the difference between agropedia site and the other agricultural sites, benefits of accessing this site, Gyan Dhara (Certified Content), Jana Gyan (Contributed Content), difference between substring search and semantic search, and on the importance of Tagging the content. Later on, Director IIPR expressed his views about collaboration with IITK for strengthening this system. He defined agropedia as a very handy program. Dr. Sarika from IIPR delivered vote of thanks. After this Mr. Vikash Awasthi demonstrated the agropedia portal and also gave a brief explanation on the new releases Open Access Research Publications. It was followed by Mr. Amit Tripathi who gave a brief idea on how to access the site, create account and become an agropedia user, the logic behind certified and contributed content, uploading of content and the other features of the portal like Knowledge Models, Extension Material, and the Interaction part. Dr. Vimlesh Yadav gave presentation on Knowledge Models and guidelines for creating a knowledge model on any crop.

 Hands on Session (Post Lunch)

 In the hands on session every scientist showed keen interest in closely viewing the agropedia site and know the functionaries of each feature provided in the site. They created their account and accessed the site. Our engineers were there to help and guide them. They were eager to learn the process of uploading content in agrowiki, agroblog and to post questions and answers in forum as well as to comment to any of the content. Everyone appreciated the idea of including agrochat in the agropedia site. The scientists were glad to find so many content and information relating to the vast fields of agriculture.


Finally, the workshop training programme turned out to be a successful one. The IIPR scientists were glad to know about agropedia and its features and our team also thanked IIPR workshop participants in making our workshop a successful one, for attending and being a patient listener, for spending their valuable time and helping in organizing the workshop.