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Report on agropedia Information Stall in Kisan Mela

Venue: Gandhi ground, GBPUA&T Pantnagar                                                                               Date: 6-9/03/10


The agropedia team attended three days Farmers Fair also known as 'Kisan Mela' organized at GBPUAT, Pantnagar. The team maintained their own stall with some laptops and charts on Crop Knowledge models. The main objective of visiting farmer fair of GBPUA&T Pantnagar was to create awareness about agropedia and have face to face interaction with the visitors of Kisan Mela which normally had a big gathering of people from different disciplines of agriculture coming to attend the mela from different parts of India including all the hilly and plain regions. The visitors included mainly the agricultural scientist, KVK experts, students, senior research fellows, executives of various private  seed and pesticide companies, employs of state agriculture departments and progressive farmers with the believe that the only way of receiving information is spreading and sharing knowledge.

The visitors at Kisan Mela came from various disciplines and specialization (Chickpea, Potato, Soyabean, Rice, Mushroom, Wheat, Pea, Litchi, Sorghum, Sugarcane etc). Kisan Mela had various stalls on hybrid seeds, fertilizers, Tractors, students made models on how to interact with the farmers. People from almost all over India came to visit the mela and some even came to participate in it. The Kisan Mela emphasized on the need of increasing agriculture productivity. In the Kisan Mela the scientist gave information about quality seed, good agriculture practices model, use of chemical fertilizer and information about soil health and use of organic manures. Information was also provided on insect/pest and disease control management of crops. The highlights of the fair were technological displays' made by all faculty of agricultural technology university. In the mela number of private agencies and firms engaged in agricultural inputs, implement, machinery and seed, fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides and field management participated and put up stalls for exhibition.

The agropedia team which participated at farmer fair:- Dr. Sharwan Shukla, Dr. R. K. Rai, Dr. Awaneesh Chandra from IIT, Kanpur and Dr. Deepali Tewari, Dr. G. P. Singh, Dr. Akanksha, Kiran Yadav from GBPUA&T Pantnager.

Vice Chancellor sir Dr. B.S. Bisht (GBPUAT, Pantnagar) & Education Minister also visited the agropedia stall and gave their precious time in going through the portal, the knowledge models, some of the contents and its basic features and functionalities. The Vice chancellor sir appreciated the portal defining as innovative idea which will serve the farmers to a great extent with ICT application in farming.

We explained about the portal and Knowledge Models to the visitors and they were very enthusiastic about learning how to draw knowledge models, how to upload content in library as well as in agrowiki and agroblog.

Most of them created their login ID & learnt about blog entries on our portal and we took contact details of near about 100 visitors who visited our stall.


Suggestions by the visitors in the Kisan Mela

  • To conduct workshop all over India and create awareness among people for agropedia.
  • Addition of other crops like Potato, Mustard, Mushroom, Mentha, Soybean, Mango, Banana etc
  • Addition of other subjects like Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering etc. 
  • Request for developing portal in other regional language.
  • The visitors suggested uploading information on production and protection technology in audio-video form based in local languages.
  • The information about Weather Forecasting, Market Prices of Agri-input should also be available in the website.
  • Some of the visitors at kisan mela suggested having the facility of mobile van so that the information reaches directly to the farmers living in remote areas or villages.
  • Suggestions were there for agropedia team to make contacts at district level and block level, provide information to them so that farmers from rural and remote areas can come and collect the information from the district and block levels.
  • The farmers preferred receiving agricultural information through mobile phones. (voice sms, direct talk and mobile interface).
  • Scientists and students suggested adding more books and journals in openagri.
  • To associate with more agricultural institutes and universities from India and abroad.

The team gave their best to explain, clear all their doubts and queries, helped in creating login Ids of visitors and listened to their suggestions carefully. The suggestion from different people helped us to signify as to want the agriculture community wants.


We were glad and satisfied with the responses we received.

Overall a very nice and a good learning experience and enjoyed interacting with the kisan mela visitors and knowing their personal views about agropedia.


agropedia team