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Remove over dependency on Monsoon

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Remove over dependency on Monsoon

EVEN SIX decades after Independence, a vast majority of our farmers continue to be so dependant on monsoon that a dry season destroys their lives. It is even more shameful to hear, watch and read stories of these very farmers sacrificing a meal daily or vending their wives so that they could buy water for their crops and repay their debts.

A drought year is a mirror in which we see the true face of India. Sadly, this mirror shows only broken promises, failed poverty schemes and an absence of investment in agriculture, amounting to immoral disregard for farmers.   With rainfall deficiency in two thirds of the country and a total of 141 districts in six states declaring drought, the alarm bells couldn't have rung louder. The main sowing season for kharif is already over. As economists are busy studying the impacts of drought 2009 on the economy, a decline in food production, fall in GDP growth, rise in inflation and reduction in demand from consumers are a few of the likely blows. But the economics merely provide us with statistics and fail to portray the real life of a farmer, who lives in a constant struggle to sustain his living and at the same time save his crop.   Instead of the austerity drive of the congress party, we need to force the government to do something permanent about the droughts. We need to ensure investment in the agriculture sector, irrigation projects, a sensible policy on agriculture credit and crop insurance.   On the other hand, political leaders should show sincerity and transparency rather than flaunting their lavish lifestyles. They should work towards empowering agriculture and trying to truly understand why farmers kill themselves.

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