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Red flour beetle

About Red Flour Beetle

Adult Red flour Beetle

These two insects are common pests of shelled groundnuts (kernels or seeds). However, they are considered as secondary pests as they are not capable of infesting well formed and undamaged pods. Adult red flour beetles are 3-4 mm long, oblong, and brown in color. Slender cylindrical larvae start feeding on the seed after hatching from the egg.The rice moth has grayish brown forewings. The creamy white larvae start feeding on the seed immediately after they hatch.

Infested kernals

Damage to Groundnut Kernels

The signs of damage can be easily recognized. The presence of webbing indicates rice moth infestation.The signs of damage can be easily recognized. Powdery remnants of kernels (but no webbing) reveal red flour beetle infestation.


Management of Storage Pests

  • Maintenance of optimum moisture content (not >5%) is always critical in preventing the development of storage pests.
  • For protection against these 2 storage pests groundnuts should be stored unshelled.
  • If groundnuts are stored as seed, care should be taken to avoid breakage.
  • Broken seeds should not be stored for long periods.
  • Dusting with an inert substance such as attapulgite-based clay dust (ABCD) can help to minimize storage insect problems.

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