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Record foodgrains output in 2010-11

Record foodgrains output in 2010-11

The country is heading for a record foodgrains production in the 2010-11 crop year at 241.56 million tonnes, with wheat and pulses output touching an all time high of 85.93 million tonnes and 18.09 million tonnes respectively.

Union Agriculture Secretary P. K. Basu attributed the successes to good monsoon, higher minimum support price to farmers and focussed policy approach, particularly to enhance production of pulses and oilseeds. As a result of higher pulses output, import of the commodity is said to have gone down this year.

The record output was achieved despite drought in 90 districts in the eastern belt, excessive rains in parts of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh and yellow rust in some wheat-growing pockets. “At this rate, the target of 280 million tonnes in 2020 that the Prime Minister talked about is achievable,” a senior official said.

As per the fourth advance estimates released by the Agriculture Ministry here on Tuesday, while wheat output is estimated to be higher by 5.13 million tonnes this year, pulses production has enhanced by 3.43 million tonnes with gram at 8.25 million tones, urad at 1.74 million tonnes and moong 1.82 million tonnes recording significant increases.

Rice output this season is estimated at 95.32 million tonnes as against 89.09 million tonnes harvested last year.

The target for next year is set at 102 million tonnes.

Oilseeds production is estimated at 31.1 million tonnes against 24.8 million tonnes last year with a record soyabean output of 12.66 million tonnes.

Coarse cereals output is also expected to be a record this year at 42.22 million tonnes as compared to 33.55 million tonnes produced last year. A record output of 21.28 million tonnes of maize this year against 16.72 million tonnes produced last year, has contributed hugely to higher coarse cereals out.

Cotton production has surged to 33.43 million bales (of 170 kg each) from 24.22 million bales. Sugarcane output is also higher at 339.17 million tonnes against 292.3 million tonnes in 2009-10.

In 2009-10, total foodgrains output for rabi and kharif was 218.11 million tonnes. The highest production in recent years was 234.47 million tonnes in 2008-09.

Source: The Hindu

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