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Rashmi Bhansali


Ehsaas Organic Farms is owned by Mr. Rajeev Bhansali and Mrs. Rashmi Bhansali. They are American citizens who decided to return to India after living there for more than 20 years. The quality and contamination of the available produce in Delhi was the instigating force to develop Ehsaas Organic Farm. The farm is located in Manesar, Gurgaon in the outskirts of New Delhi.


  • To grow produce at Ehsaas Organic Farms without use of artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or other growth promoters.
  • To deliver fresh and healthy produce directly from Farm to home.
  • Affordable and fair pricing.


Vegetable farming in Delhi is mainly conducted by farmers with low socio-economic status cultivating small or marginal landholdings. These farmers have a preference of growing more yields with low cost and thus influenced to use lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which unfortunately increase the heavy metal contamination in the vegetables.

Most of the vegetables coming into Delhi market are grown near Najafgarh Drain, Okhla Industrial Drain or Yamuna River. It is a well known fact that water at these locations is highly contaminated as result of industrial drainage. As a result, the vegetables grown on this land are contaminated inside out and are highly toxic.

The Bhansalis, therefore, started Ehsaas Organic Farm to address this growing problem and to create awareness in a small way about the health benefits of organic produce.


At Ehsaas, organic farming and environment preservation is not just our job, but a passion we embrace in our daily lives. We grow vegetables using environmentally friendly methods. Our manuring is 100% organic using cow dung and other certified organic manure. Neem is widely used along with certified insect and bug killer. We make extra effort to ensure that the quality of our land and environment is maintained.

At Ehsaas Farm there are no pesticides, no injected hormones, no chemical leftovers and no preservatives. Studies have shown that organically grown food contains higher level of beneficial minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins and is a great buy for people leading nutritious and healthy lifestyles.

HOME DELIVERY, to ensure freshness

Our vegetables are delivered to the customers at their doorstep. This ensures freshness of the produce. It is produce directly from farm to your home.

Our proximity to Delhi is our unique advantage!!


  • Studies have shown that organically grown food contains higher level of beneficial minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins.

  • Organic foods minimize exposure to pesticides, which are proven to be toxic in the human consumption and are often linked to cancer. This is especially crucial for children, who are more susceptible to the effects of toxins than adults are.

  • Minimizing exposure to these toxins is vital, as the accumulation of heavy metals is associated with illnesses like allergic reactions, nerve disorders and cancer.

  • Analysis shows that organic foods have, on average, 27% more vitamin C, 29% more iron and 14% more phosphorus and have significantly higher levels of nutrients and antioxidants.

  • Perhaps the most crucial reason to eat organically grown produce is why we turn to food in the first place - for its great taste.

For more information contact:

Ehsaas Organic
A170, Lane W-5
Sainik Farms, New Delhi 110062
+91 9212310200
+91 29556110

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Do you home deliver in noida?

hi..i just wanted to find out if you can homedeliver vegetables and fruits to noida?my email id is,please do let me know asap.

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