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Rabi sorghum to fetch Rs 1200-1300 at harvest-UAS Scientists

According to Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) set up at the Agribusiness Management Department, University of Agricultural Sciences college, Dharwad, the prices of sorghum would prevail Rs 1160-1280 in the month of February, Rs 1150-1250 in the month of march and Rs 1200-1350 in the month of April,2013.

 For determining the prices monthly modal price of sorghum were gathered from Bellary regulated market which is one of the lead markets of sorghum in North Karnataka and at what prices the sorghum would trade during February, March and April, 2013 were established. For reliable price forecast, monthly data for the past 20 years were analyzed by using time series analytical models and the prices from the other major markets and the future prices being announced by the National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange of India (NCDEX) were also considered. The output prices were verified and fine tuned with the opinion of the traders, agricultural scientists and progressive farmers.

Sorghum is one of the staple food crop of North Karnataka. Farmers of Bellary areas are busy in preparing their lands for sowing of rabi Jowar. The price of Jowar in Bellary market is around Rs. 1259 per quintal at present (October, 2012). Still then, price uncertainty at the time of harvest has kept the farmers guessing to decide about sowing. Therefore, in order to help the farmers to come out of doldrums, the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) is striving hard. The minimum support price announced by the union government for Jowar is Rs. 1500 per quintal for this year. Bold seeded, cleaned, well dried grains are going to fetch higher prices in the market.  So, farmers are advised to keep all these suggestions in mind while cultivating the crop and preparing the product for the market.


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