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Rabi pre-sowing price forecast of blackgram for 2015-16


          India stands out as top notch country in the production of pulses, globally yet it depends for imports from small nations. This is not a new situation that the country is facing but at is as old as independence. Given the higher per cent of vegetation population in the country, any shortfall in the domestic production affects the nutritional needs of the people. Yet there are no effective plans implemented for improving the pulses production in the country.

India has imported 22.37 lakh tonnes of pulses valued at 1,612 million $ till September, 2015 in the current financial year. According to the commerce and industry ministry, the country had imported 45.84 lakh tonnes of pulses last year. The country’s pulses production was 17.20 million tonnes in 2014-15. Blackgram is grown in Krishna and Guntur districts after kharif paddy of Andhra Pradesh once a surplus state of blackgram

 Andhra Pradesh was found to export to neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu  and Kerala but now remains as deficit state. The Agricultural Market Intelligence Centre (AMIC) of S.V.Agricultural College, Tirupati has forecasted the prices of blackgram that are likely to prevail at  rabi harvest in February and March 2016 taking the modal prices of Ponnur  market for the past 15 years . Given the present scenario and market sentiments the prices are likely to be around Rs. 9000/qtl and the farmers are advised to take sowing decision accordingly. 

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