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Rabi Jowar farm harvest prices would be Rs. 1450-1650 per quintal in Bellary market

As per the price forecasts done by the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell, Department of Agribusiness Management, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad for Rabi  Jowar, the prices of Jowar per quintal in Bellary market is expected to range between Rs. 1450-1650 during February-April.

          The 24 years monthly price data of Jowar from Bellary regulated market was collected and analyzed employing rigorous time series models and price forecasts were made for Jowar in Bellary market for the months of February-April, 2014.  The opinions of experienced traders of the crop in the market, agricultural scientists and progressive farmers of the region with regard to the prices that would prevail at harvest were collected to fine tune the forecast prices.  The prices in other major markets for the crop were also collected and government policies with regard to marketing of Jowar were considered to come up with accurate price forecasts.

          Farmers of Bellary areas are busy in preparing their lands for sowing of Jowar. Subsequently, price uncertainty at the time of harvest has kept the farmers guessing to decide about sowing. Therefore, in order to help the farmers to come out of doldrums, the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) is striving hard. Bold seeded, cleaned, well dried grains are going to fetch higher prices in the market.  So, farmers are advised to keep all these suggestions in mind while cultivating the crop and preparing the product for the market.

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