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Rabi grown sunflower prices likely to be less than MSP post harvest- UAS Dharwad

Farmers of Bagalkot areas are busy in preparing their lands for sowing of rabi Sunflower, one of the major oilseed crops of the region. But, price uncertainty at the time of harvest has kept them in bay and is in a fix to decide about sowing. To support the farmers in taking proper decision with respect to sowing of the crop, the Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell (established under NAIP project), Department of Agribusiness Management, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad undertook a study to come up with reliable price forecasts of Sunflower that prevail in the selected market at the time of harvest. For determining the appropriate prices, 20 years monthly price data from Bagalkot regulated market were collected and analyzed and the prices for Sunflower in Bagalkot market for the months February –April, 2013 were forecasted. The output prices were verified and fine tuned with the opinions of progressive farmers and also prices from other major markets and the government guided policies with regard to the marketing of crop were also considered. Therefore, according to the study conducted by using 20 years monthly price data from Bagalkot regulated market and keeping in view of the opinions and suggestions of the experienced persons in this crop, the per quintal prices of Sunflower for Bagalkot market is expected to range between Rs.3000-3400 in the month of February, Rs.2900-3300 in the month of March and Rs.3200-3700 in the month of April. The minimum support price announced by the union government for Sunflower is Rs.3700 per quintal for this year. Bold seeded, cleaned, well dried grains are going to fetch higher prices. So farmers are advised to keep all these suggestions in mind while cultivating and preparing the product for the market.


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