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Q: Type of searches on agropedia?

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agropedia basically has two types of search:- substring (basic search just like google) and the other one is semantic (tag specific-based on taxonomy). Now the search we see on the right top page of agropedia is a substring search: If you type rice fertilizers there, it will give some 4 pages (approx 40) results. But if you search it inside the section Library of agropedia which has fully semantic based searching, there we need to type the keyword which matches completely with tagset which are present in our taxonomy. To get the exact keyword first we need to click on either Browse search interface of Library page or Content Index search interface using these interfaces we get the exact "word" to be searched. Example:After selecting Rice in the first box we should write "basmati rice" which is a tag in our tagset and not just "basmati".