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Pseudo BIOPESTICIDES ruining Andhra Pradesh Farmers

Pseudo BIOPESTICIDES ruining Andhra Pradesh Farmers

Biopesticides are certain types of pesticides derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. For example, canola oil and baking soda have pesticidal applications and are considered biopesticides. Most common are Bacteria and fungus.One well-known insecticide example is Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterial disease of Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Diptera. Because it has little effect on other organisms, it is considered more environmentally friendly than synthetic pesticides. The toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt toxin) has been incorporated directly into plants through the use of genetic engineering and is well accepted by cotton farmers.

Well known companies like, Rallis, Lupin( Now Cheminova), Agrevo( Now Bayer) , Wockhardt were introduced Bacillus thuriengiensis decade back to Indian  farmers on commercial basis but the product was not accepted by the farmers due to slow action. Another reason is climatic factors such as temperature, humidity will have direct impact on the performance of these Bio products.

Now in Ap the above said definition is not hold good for Bio pesticides. Around 100 to 125 companies are selling around 600 brands under various different names. These filthy companies are selling nothing but chemical pesticides but under umbrella of biopesticides. All these companies are using loop holes in the law. These companies are purchasing bulk agrochemicals from china at much lower prices and they are formulating here  in India under name of bio pesticides. As per Law , bio pesticides manufacturers need disclose the  ingredients. At present Govt is not having any check on these bio pesticides. Bio-pesticides  manufacturers  are  claimimg 200 cr business during 2009 as against of 120 cr of 2008.

Now in AP , biopesticides are available for all variety of pests such as Heliothis, Spodoptera , BPH, Sucking pests. Initially these bio pesticides are more popular on chilles later they tentacles spread to Bengal Gram, Black Gram, vegetables and even to paddy.

Agricultural department is not having controlling on these Biopesticides at any point hence no body knows what is actually Bio-pesticide contains?

If proper system is not placed , in future Ap farmers will have face serious problems such as pest outbreak and low yields.

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Spurious biopesticide in AP

Dear Haribabu, you have described a serious problem for Andhra Pradesh. This obviously has major implications for other states too and particularly regions which tend to practice more organic farming.

A few questions which I hope you can provide answers to for the Agropedia community:

1. Who are the genuine manufacturers of biopesticides (only Rallis, Cheminova, Agrevo etc?) and what are they doing about the problem as they too are directly affected?

2. Is there a farmers' group in AP which is dealing with the matter - with representations to the state govt agri dept for example?

3. ABMA of AP has made this claim of more business in 2009 where, in the press? Do you have a reference?

4. What are these spurious biopesticide products priced at? Cheaper than the genuine material? Do you have any actual prices for products?

5. Can this matter be taken up at the central level?

6. Which companies or traders are importing the chemical feedstock from China? Any more info about this?

Thank you again for pointing out a real threat to organic and natural farming in India. Regards, Rahul Goswami

Pseudo - Bio Pesticides

Dear Rahul,

1. Now a days no company is selling true Biopesticides as farmers are rejected the biopesticides long back due to efficacy issues. Hence no formal representation from them. Andhra Pradesh Pesticide Manufacturing association taken this issue to the State govt.

2. As you know - Farming sector in Ap is not organised hence no formal representation from them.

3. For example Bph Molecule Buprofezin( Rice pesticide) True pesticide costs around 1000 to 1200 per lt to the farmers where are as pseudo biopesticides are costing around 900 to 1000 to farmers. But the dealers are getting these products at 400 to 500 per lt and they are earning more margin then real pesticides.

4. This issue can be taken to Central

5. Most of the companies are brining raw material from china.

This problem will be solved very easily if Govt insists Pseudo Biocompanies to disclose the ingradients on pack like other pesticides.







to know more about seudo pesticides

Dear hari babu, if u are in A.P. what is ur place., if u dont mind could give me ur contact number or email

why bio pesticides?

We have been hearing about the dangerous side effects of chemical pesticides and now there is this pseudo bio pesticides. Farmers are lured to buy these to increase production, but what is happenning in the long run is the deterioration of the soil biota. When we all realise that the chemicals are dangerous, why can not we embrace the Natural way of farming as been advocated by many pioneers like Nammalwar, Subash Palekar, Bhaskar Save and the likes?

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