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Production Technology Package for Pigeonpea (Kharif) - Banda, Uttar Pradesh

Pigeonpea (Kharif)


1.0 Acre

A. Inputs Required:


6-7 kg


40.0 kg


8.0 kg

Ammoniun molybdate

400.0 g


6.0 kg

Rhizobium Culture

1 packet (200 g) /10 kg seed


200 gm

Vita vax (Carboxin)

30.0 gm


14.0 kg

Indo sulphan





100 LE


500 g ai

Pheromone traps

2-3 no.


2 tons

B. Technology / Layout


Bahar, MAL-13, NDA 1

Date of sowing

1-15 July



Ridge planting

Row to row 80cm, (for late) 60 cm (for early)

Seed Treatments :

  • Seed treatment with fungicides like Thirum/ Captan /Carbendazim @ 3.0 gram / kg seed
  • Seed treatement with rhizobium culture @ one packet per 10 kg seed.

Fertilizer Application :

20 kg N:40 kg P2O5:20 kg K2O:20 kg S: 25 kg Zn SO4/ha as basal application

Weeding :

Two hand weedings at 25 and 45 DAS or application of pendimethalin/ alachlor/ metalachlor @ 1.5 kg/ha followed by one hand  weeding at 45-60 DAS.


Pre- sowing and in absence of rains at flowering and pod development stage

Protection measures:

  • Management of Pigeonpea Diseases

Wilt: Deep summer Ploughing Use of resistant varieties like MAL 13, Narendra Arhar-1 or Amar. Seed treatment with Carbendazim (2g kg-1 seed) and others.

Sterility mosaic: Use of resistant/ tolerant varieties like Bahar, Narendra Arhar-1, MAL-13, Amar, Azad and Sharad (in pre rabi).  Foliar spray of Kelthane, Metasystox or Dimethoate @ 0.1% at first notice of the symptoms.

Phytophthra blight: sowing of pigeonpea on ridge or raised beds and avoid pigeonpea cultivation in low lying fields. Seed dressing with Metalaxy 4 g kg -1seed or T.Viride @ 8g kg -1seed. Intercropping of pigeonpea with urdbean, mungbean, groundnut, soybean, cowpea also helps to reduce the disease. Foliar speay of Metalaxy1 + Mancozeb (0.3%) has been found effective in minimizing the disease.

Alternaria leaf blight: Two foliar spray of Mancozeb or Iprodione (Rovral) @ 0.25 on first appearance of symptom and at 10 days interval.

  • IPM : summer Ploughing, Nutrients 20:40:20:20::N:P:K:S kg/ ha, intercropping -maize/sorghum/groundnut, pheromone trap / ha 10, Bird perch / ha-50, spray of NSKE 5%, spray of HaNPV 500 LE/ ha, Bacillus thuringiensis @ 1000 gm/ ha, Seed treatment -Trichoderma-2g/kg seed, Borer-spray of chlorpyriphos 0.02% Endosulphan 0.07%/ Protenophos/Methomyl 500 gm/ha/Acephate or Indoxacarb or Monocroto phos 0.04%/spinosad 100 ml/ha

Pod Fly & Pod Bug: Dimethoate 0.03%, 

pod borer Complex: Dimethoate 0.03%/Fenvalerate 0.02%/Monocrotophos 0.04%,/cypermethrin 0.004%


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