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Production Technology Package for Mungbean (Kharif) – Surat, Gujarat

Mungbean (Kharif)


1.0 Acre

A.  Inputs Required


10.0  kg/acre


100.0 kg/acre


17.0 kg/acre

Potassium Chloride

14.0 kg/acre

Zn SO4

6.0 kg/acre

Rhizobium Culture

One packet (200 gram)


2 ton

Thirum / Captan / Carbendazem

30.0 g /10 kg seed             


500 ml / acre


Stomp 0.5 kg a i

B. Technology / Layout


BM 4, GM 2, GM 3, GM 4, PIMS 4, Meha  

Date of sowing

Onset of monsoon


30 cm x 10 cm

Seed Treatments

  • Seed treatment with fungicides like Thirum / Captan / Carbendazim @ 3.0 gram / kg seed
  • Seed treatement with rhizobium culture @ one packet per 10 kg seed

Fertilizer Application

   20 kg N : 40 kg P2O5 : 20 kg  K2O: 20 kg S :

   15 kg Zn SO4 as basal application, 5 ton FYM


One hand weeding at 35-40 DAS


Life saving irrigation at pod initiation stage as & when required

Protection measures

  • Monitoring of Thrips at flowering stage
  • Spray of Metasystox 0.03 % solution at flower initiation and podding stage to control thrips
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