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Producer Company - A Gift By The Goverment To Farmers

                        There are serval ways to understand a business making i am using internet as my tool i am doing my home work for that also.Now what is "Producer company " you all might be thinking about it.Now you all must be aware about the company act under which all the companies we know are registered.As like that the company act  has an amendment that any group ,individual or co-operative socities can work as a company but these will be producer company, which will have farmers as their members and rest of the things will be same as the companies we know.I will like to tell you all about this but please seed me something that you feel will long for more time and also is main problem that the farmers are facing today ,I need to move fast guys so make it as urgent as possible.

                        I am in a need of all problems faced Indian farmer cause I want to provide services for them.please all of you help me for making my plan successful.Please give me ideas ill make it possible.The plan is like this  i will look into the problems that  farmers are facing today such as less share in the rupee ,lack of information,lack of co-operativeness,etc.It is simple i have to concentrate upon the main problem and also think about it in a business sense.I need to have knowledge, i know ,i will get it .I want to tell the farmers which schemes are provided by the goverment for their benifit and how to utilize it in a effective manner .

                  As you all might be thinking upon the schemes that really exits are not made available to all by the way of corruption .but yes, ther is one thing called market libralization which is hapening in our country also as we are member of WTO.due to this tranperency in all goverment activities is increasing which will make them to work properly with minimum corruption. In that Our countries all markets will get open by 2017 including agriculture .as our average  land holding is not greater than 2.5acres our farmers will have to sell the land or make other utilization of it,but my personel thinking is that we all are united by the way of agriculture somehow.and we as a country can make it possible to save our farmers fro the world copition .i am not saying it in the way of negetivity but i want to make them compitative as any company .todays scenario is that most of the producer companies are in madhya pradesh more than 17 and increasing.i want to drive that thing in maharshtra and other states also.                          

plz reply me I am waiting for it seriously Nahush Gaikwad

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