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Processed product of Pomegranate (Pomegranate wine)


                                                          POMEGRANATE WINE

  •   The whole fruits are pressed without crushing or juice may be extracted from pomegranate grains, which gives a yield of 76 to 85%
  • Sugar is added to the juice to bring it to 22-230 Brix. Potassium meta-bisulphite is added to the juice to prevent the growth of undesirable microorganisms
  • The juice is fermented with starter wine yeast and the wine is aged and finished in the same manner as the red grape wine.
  • If a sweet table wine is desired sugar is added to 8-100 Brix
  • The wine is flash pasteurized at 60 0C, bottled hot and sealed. Fortifying the sweetened wine to about 20% alcohol can make wine like port.   


                                                       Pomegranate wine

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