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Price Forecast of Paddy Crop of North Eastern Karnataka: 2012-13

Price Forecast of  Paddy

  • The paddy prices in domestic market have decreased during November – December 2011.  However, the prices steadily increased from January onwards due to lift in ban of non-basmati rice export and partial drought in the region.
  • The major markets for paddy in NEK region are Sindhanur, Gangavati and Raichur.  The analysis of paddy prices in these markets revealed that the prices of sona masuri which is largely grown in the region ranged between ` 1250 to ` 1450 per quintal during 2011-12.  Considering the price trend, Minimum Support Price of ` 1250 (common) to ` 1280 (Grade A) per quintal and other factors, it is predicted that paddy price would range from ` 1365/quintal to ` 1498/quintal in the year 2012-13.
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