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Preparation of Rice Field

Preparation of Rice Field

Kiran Yadav

(GBPUAT, Pantnagar)

       Preparing rice field

Plough the filed 20-25 cm deep but mould board plough in summer to expose the eggs of harmful insects, pests and rhizomes of weeds. Keep it flooded or saturated with water for about one fortnight before transplanting. This helps in decomposition of chaff and straw of previous crops. Pudding should begin about two weeks ahead of transplanting. Before pudding, an earthen bund, about 30 cm high should be made around the field.

The equipments which puddles the field is called puddler. Recently, different types of bullock and tractor drawn puddlers are being used for this purpose. Puddling is a very important operation in transplanted rice. It helps to kill the weeds and burries them in puddle layer. The rate of germination of weeds is also reduced in subsequent growing period of crop. It helps to create beneficial physical, biological and chemical conditions for rice plant growth. Soil surface is left in a more even condition. Puddle the field by three to four runs of puddler in standing water. Apply uniformly half of nitrogen and total quantities of phosphorus and potash on drained surface at the time of last puddling and incorporate in the top 10-15 centimeter deep soil.


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