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Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is an agricultural system that has the potential of dramatically changing agriculture in this 21st century. Precision agriculture lends it self to most agricultural applications and can be implemented at whatever levels are required. Precision agriculture is based on information technology, which enables the producer to collect information and data for better decision making. Precision agriculture is a pro-active approach that reduces some of the risk and variables common to agriculture. Precision agriculture is more environmentally sound and is and integral part in sustaining natural resources. To better understand the need for an accurate definition of precision agriculture lets look at how precision agriculture is being considered. Precision agriculture is considered a concept, management strategy, and even a philosophy. It is said, “Precision agriculture is a phrase that captures the imagination of many concerned with the production of food, feed, and fiber.” The concept of precision agriculture offers the promise of increasing productivity while decreasing production cost and minimizing environmental impacts. Precision agriculture conjures up images of farmers overcoming the elements with computerized machinery that is precisely controlled via satellites and local sensors and using planning software that accurately predicts crop development. This image has been called the future of agriculture.


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Precision Agriculture - a very good agriculture practice

I am impressed to know the simple definition of Precision Agriculture by "bharati". Micro-nutrient management of soils will dramatically improve the crop productivity. Similarly there might bight be many crop management techniques that positively impact the productivity and optimum resource/input utilization. Proper knowledge of resources/inputs(soil, water, seed, micro-climate, fertilizers, etc.) used and their relationship to each other in crop production is very important to minimize the production costs and optimize the production 

Precision Agriculture

It is indeed very important for adopting precision farming nowdays to optimize the use of  valuable natural resources and also increase the use efficiency of costly inputs used in agriculture. However there are very few adoptable precesion agriculture techniques available to the farmers. Unless precision agriculture techeniques for every situation are not developed, the talk of precision agriculture becomes a talk of elite farm scientist only. To that end it is necessary to identify areas for precision agricutlure practices and transfer them for farmers' adoption on priority basis.

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