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Precautions for Harvesting and Threshing of Paddy Seed


                          Precautions for Harvesting and Threshing of Paddy Seed


  1. Start harvesting when grains are hard and yellow.
  2. Moisture percentage in the grain at the time of harvesting should be less then 23 percent. For combine harvesting, moisture percentage should be 18 per cent, or lower.
  3. When paddy is harvested by hand it gets a chance to get dried before threshing .In the case of combine harvesting ,a sizeable percentage of gree kernels are  thereshed  along with mature kernels. It paddy harvested  with a combine harvester is kept in gunny bags, rotting of seed  will invariably start. Therefore , it is very necessary  that the paddy harvested with combine harvesters must be dried until moisture percentage comes down to 13 per cent, or lower .Similarly, the paddy harvested  by hand should also be dried to 13 per cent or below moisture content. At the time of storing  the moisture in the seed grain should never exceed 13 per cent and there should be no green kernels.
  4. If paddy in being harvested or being threshed , with a combine harvester , either in a direct combine from the  field or using a combine as stationary thresher, the name of the variety should be indicated on the body of the combine  harvester . if the variety is to be changed , the combine harvester must be very thoroughly cleaned.
  5. Use tarpaulin or pukka(cemented) floor for drying
  6. Paddy seed should be stacked in a cool and dry place ,away from walls ,and on wooden racks.
  7. Mark the bag with the name of the variety , so that there  is no chance of chance mixing and confusion


  1. Do not start harvesting at moisture percentage more than 18 per cent.
  2. After harvesting ,do not leave the harvested crop on the wet ground.
  3. While combine harvesting, do not use the combine harvester for another variety , unless it has been thoroughly cleaned.
  4.  Do not store without proper drying.
  5.  Do not dry on wet  ground.
  6.  Do not store in damp  place.
  7.  Do not mix it with another variety , and uncertified portion of same variety


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