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practical agriculture V/S theoretical agriculture

hi agrians,

I find the emmense change between the theoretical aspects and practical aspects, because agriculture changes with climate, soil, topography, lattitude, water etcetc. 

I set a example as -- the varieties notified / released of horticulture crops ( chilly, bhindi ,brinjal, tomato etc ) that are given in the books were  not any where in the markets, there  many reason behind this.

and also not easily available ( reaches only to countable farmers in the states ).

please write ur views on as ur experience.


bharat bhagat 

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amount of water

I think this is justified 

I am in group of experts of agriculture / horticulture (various disciplines ), they have the same conclusion :-

researcher / books said that the amount of water needed for insecticide is 800-1000 litres per hectare and for herbicide it is 600 litres but practically it is not possible.It is easy to spray in a plot not in whole field.

so the correct dose for insecticide / micronutrient / macronutrient / fungicide is 450 litres per hectare  ( 25 sprayers 15 litres each)

for herbicide it is 300 litres per hectare ( 20 sprayers 15 litres each)

Reference -1.

2. based on progressive and medium farmers negotiations in Madhya Pradesh 

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Yes, it is true that in most of the books, amount of water needed for spraying of one hector land is written as 800 - 1000. But this amount is incurred when we use hydraulic sprayer (high volume) which require more amount of water. Present time the quality of sprayers has been improved many times which provide more coverage by producing droplets of very small size.

Amount of water needed for spraying to per hector land is...

  • Hydraulic pressure based knap-sac sprayer require 300 - 400 liter (High volume).
  • Pneumatic pressure based sprayer require 150 - 200 liter(Low volume).
  • Controlled Droplet Applicator/Electrostatic Sprayer require 1.5 - 5 litre(Ultra low volume).

Please note that this is the opinion of the author and is Not Certified by ICAR or any of its authorised agents.