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Powdery mildew Disease of Wheat Crops

Powdery mildew Disease of Wheat Crops

Causal organism-Erysiphe graminis tritici. This disease is characterized by the formation of white powdery growth of fungus on the upper surface of leaves. The white growth contains mycelium and spores of the fungus. Later on, the colour of the powdery growth becomes grey or brown. Under severe disease conditions, leaf sheaths, stems and ear heads may also be covered by the fungus. This disease is common in the sub mountainous areas of northern India, certain parts of Rajasthan and the hills.

Controlled in the following ways:

a. Grow varieties resistant to the diseases.

b. Bum crop refuse in the field after the harvest is over.

c. If loss is expected to be high, spraying with a mixture of Dithane M-45 and Karathane has been found beneficial. Prepare mixture by mixing 16 parts of Dithane M-45 and 4 parts of Karathane-25 wettable powder. Spray mixture @ 2 kg/ha dissolved in 1000 litres of water. About three sprays will be sufficient at an interval of 10-15 days. Amount of water for different sprays may be decided on the basis of growing stage of the crop.

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