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Post Harvest Diseases of Banana

 Post Harvest Diseases of Banana

1. Anthracnose : Gloeosporium musarum

Symptoms: Light brown depressed lesion, Coalesce and cover the whole fruit and Severe case pink spore masses on fruit

2. Botryodiplodia rot – Black tip –Finger tip rot – Black rot: Botrytis cinerea

Symptoms: Downward rotting of bunch, Dropping of fingers, Extensive finger rot is a common symptom from the tip to main stalkend, Dark brown skin, wrinkled with pycnidia and Rotting of pulps.

3. Crown rot or Pine apple disease : Ceratocystis paradova

Symptoms: Main stalk decay rapidly, Tissue become blackened and Emit pineapple odour

Management: Reduce inoculum level orchard sanitation, removal of flower eract, tipping or removal of floral remanents. Harvest at correct stage. Careful handling during storage. Post harvest spray with mancozeb 0.2% or carbendazim 0.1% before storage. Store at 12-13°C varie to variety to variety below this temperature cause chilling injury.




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