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Post drought alleviation crop revival measures

There have been wide spread rains across the drought affected areas of Andhra Pradesh in the past 10-15 days.  Thanks to the revived monsoon. This is time to make good use of these rains.  In many cases, we have observed the crops have been able to revive due to the rains.  However, due to prolonged drought, the crops have suffered from lack of moisture and nutrients.  In order to help the crop regain strength and give some yield, we need to take up the following measures immediately.

  1. Thorough weeding of the fields: hand weeding is most desirable, if possible.  If the crop is below knee height and bullocks can draw the inter- cultivation hoe inter row spaces, go for inter-cultivation immediately. Consider using appropriate weedicide if labour is a problem. Whatever may be the case, please see that the moisture available in the soil is not guzzled by the weeds leaving very little to the crop. Weeding has been shown to do a remarkable good to the crop when the drought alleviates.
  2. Top dressing: After weeding, go for an appropriate dose of top dressing with urea. Avoid broadcasting the fertilizer and apply it in a row along the field crops and cover it up with soil. If the crops are above knee height, give a spray of 1% urea (10 g urea in one ltr water).
  3. Pest/disease management: With the increased humidity there will be a spurt in pest and disease causing organisms. Watch out for early symptoms of pests and diseases.  Report the damage immediately to the lead center and seek advice on management practices.

The above are generic recommendation when the drought alleviates.  For crop specific advice one needs to contact local experts. 

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