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Pomegranate Fruit and its Uses


Pomegranate Fruit and its Uses

  • —  The pomegranate (Punica granatum Linn.) belongs to the Punicaceae family
  • —  It is also known as Chinese apple or Apple of Carthage (Hindi –Anar)
  • — The fruit,a false berry about the size of a large orange,is filled with shiny red seeds encased   in an edible, orange-red pulp
  • —The fruit is consumed fresh or can be processed into juice, syrup, jams, jelly or even wine.


  • —  The edible portions of the fruit include the seed and the juicy translucent flesh enclosing the seed (arils)
  • —  The tart flavor of the pulp and juice of the ripe pomegranate can add interest and variety to foods
  • —   The flesh-covered seeds can be used as a garnish in fruit cups, compotes, salads and desserts, and as a snack
  • —  The juice is used in making jellies, puddings, desserts, wine and fruit drinks
  • —  Grenadine, made from pomegranate juice, is indispensable in flavoring some beverages
  • —  Grenadine also makes a delicious topping for ice cream and chilled fruits such as peaches, pears and bananas.


  Nutritive Value:

                    EDIBLE FRUITS                            
                Fresh                Dry Weight basis        

Moisture (%)                                             78                           19     


Protein(%)                                                1.6                         7.27

Total sugars(%)                                       14.6                   66.36


Ascorbic acid (mg/1000g)                    16.0                  72.73

Ash (%)                                                     0.7                     3.18

Acidity (%)                                              0.58                  2.64

Minerals (mg/100g)                               10                           45

Calcium                                                    70                     318

Phosphorus                                              44                           200

Magnesium                                             133                    604

Potassium                                               0.90                   4.09

Sodium                                                    1.79                         8.14

Iron                                                          0.82                          3.73


Zinc                                                          0.77                         3.50

Manganese                                              0.34                   1.55









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