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Pomegranate crop calendar for june month

Pomegranate crop calendar for june month

Name of the crop and pests

Damage symptoms

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Fruit borer,

Deudorix isocrates

Fruits with bored holes and plugged with excreta


Remove and destroy all the affected fruits with exit holes

Bagging of fruits with white paper to prevent egg laying.

Spray decamethrin @0.1 ml/l when  50 % of fruits have set.

Repeat the spray after 2 weeks with carbaryl @4g/l or fenvalerate 0.1ml/l


Shot hole borer

Wilting of plants

Uproot and burn wilted plants

Drench the soil around main trunk with chlorpyriphos @ 2.5 ml + Tridomorph @ 1ml per liter (use 2-3 lt. per vine)

After 3 weeks rpeat with monocrotophos @ 1.5 ml + Carbendizim @ 2.5 g/l

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