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Pomegranate aphid management


Cultural practice:

  1. Collect and destroy the damaged plant parts
  2. Use yellow sticky trap

Biological control:

Release first instar larva of green lace wing bug Chrysoperla carnea @ 15 / flowering branch (four times) or 50 grubs/flowering branch four times at 10 days interval from flower initiation during April

Chemical control:

Tamil Nadu

Spray dimethoate 25 EC (0.03%) or methyl demeton 30EC at 2ml/lit or Monocrotophos (0.05%) or Malathion (0.1%) at 15 days interval effectively controls the aphid population.


  • Spray any one of the insecticide 1.7ml dimethoate or 0.5ml Phosphamidon 40EC or 2ml Malathion 50EC or 1ml Monocrotophos 36SL or 0.5ml DDVP.
  • Spray Dimethoate 30 EC (1.7 ml) or Oxydemeton methyl 25 EC (1.5 ml) or lmidacloprid 17.8 SC (0.3 ml) per liter of water. 


Spray dimethoate @ 0.06%

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