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Pomegranate (Anar) Tissue Culture

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I want to know about the Pomegranate Tissue Culture in India and the sucess stories related to this. Is it advisable to go for Tissue Culture pomegranate cultivation? What are the marits and de-marits of Pomegranate tissue culture?



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Pomegranate is the fruit


Pomegranate is the fruit of plenty.It comes into bearing after the one year of its planting, give two crops in a year, require very little water for irrigation is sold in the fruit markets @ Rs. 40-50 per Kg. You can start its cultivation form a very little plot and when that comes into bearing you can cover your whole area under its cultivation. It comes into bearing after one year of planting and fetches the best price in the market.It can give the yearly return of Rs. one lakh per acre or more than that. The cost of cultivation is very little. For more information pl. see this link

link for Pomegranate


Here is the link for your post....


Tissure Culture Pomegranate (Anar)

Thanks for the link. but.....I am looking for a precise kind of information which is based on some testing in Indian conditions. I know there are few companies like Jain Irrigation and Reliance Lifesciences who deal in tissue culture but I am unable to get response from them till now. Relaince is still in a developing phase but Jain Irregation people failed to provied the desired information in the manner it is avaliable for Banana Tissue culture on their site. I know they are commercially marketing their Pomegranate Tissue culture plants since 2009 in Maharastra.


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