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Policy and strategy for increasing income and food security through improved crop management of chickpea in rice fallows in Asia

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Pande, S.; Stevenson, P.C.( Editor ) ; Neupane, R.K.( Editor ) ; Grazywacz, D.( Editor )
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India : International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

This book consists of the following papers: Welcome address (Maske, S.L.); welcome address from ICRISAT: legumes and cereals in development and the need for effective policy change to help alleviate poverty in South Asia (Keatinge, J.D.H.); welcome address from NRI (Stevenson, P.C.); keynote address from NARC: approaches in improving pulses production in Nepal (Pathik, D.S.); keynote address from DOA: Improving production of pulses through extension programs: constraints and opportunities (Shrestha, S.S.); integrated crop management of chickpea in Nepal: past, present and future (Pande,S.; Neupane, R.K.; Stevenson, P.C.; Grazywacz,D.; Bourai,V.A.; Rao, J.N.; Kishore, G.K.); opening remarks (Kaini, B.R.); opening remarks (Chaudhary, U.); remarks by the Chief Guest (Dahal, H.N.); chairperson's remarks (Upadhyaya, H.K.); vote of thanks (Pande, S.); session 1: introductory papers: prospects of chickpea in rice-based cropping systems in Bangladesh (Uddin, M.J.; Ali, M.O.; Rahman, M.M.); Lessons learnt from participatory dissemination and uptake pathways of IPM of chickpea and lentils in Bangladesh ( Bakr, M.A.; Afzal, M.A.; Aktar, M.S.); lessons learned from farmers' participatory BGM management in India (Tripathi, H.S.); promotion of rainfed rabi cropping in rice fallows of eastern India, Bangladesh, and Nepal: an overview (Rao, J.V.D.K.; Harris, K.D.; Joshi, K.D.; Khanal, N.; Johansen, C.; Musa, A.M.); session II: scaling-up and Uptake Pathways: lessons learned from scaling up participatory variety selection: LI-BIRD experiences (Devkota, K.P.; Gyawali, S.; Tripathi, M.P.; Joshi, K.D.; Witcombe, J.R.); scaling-up of participatory variety selection in wheat in South Asia: The CIMMYT-NARS experience (Ortiz-Ferrara, G.; Joshi, A.K.; Mudwari, A.; Bhatta, M.R.; Souffian, S.; Witcombe, J.R.); the scaling-up process and outputs of participatory crop improvement in Nepal: adoption and impact (Joshi, K.D.; Devkota, K.P.; Gyawali, S.; Tripathi, M.P.; Witcombe, J.R.); experiences of scaling-up: Nepal Agricultural Research Council (Ghimire, Y.N.; Pokharel,T.P.; Khadka, R.; and Gauchan, D.); the role of APPSP: Lessons learned (Mainali, P.); session III: Commodity Seed Production and Farmers' perceptions: seed quality control mechanisms in Nepal (Lal, K.K.); chickpea cultivation: Farmers'perceptions (Aryal, B.K.); chickpea cultivation: farmers'perceptions (Shrestha, K.K.); chickpea cultivation: Farmers'perceptions (Adhikary, S.); chickpea cultivation: Farmers'perceptions (Khatri, B.); session IV: DFID-funded and Related Projects: on-farm IPM of chickpea in Nepal: dissemination, adoption and promotion, 1997-2005 (Neupane, R.K.; Joshi, M.; Pande, S.; Yadav, N.K.); the adoption of ICM technologies by poor farmers in Nepal (Stevenson, P.C.; Pande, S.; Neupane, R.K.; Chaudhary, R.N.; Bourai, V.A.; Rao, J.N.; Grzywacz, D.); alternative pest control approaches: NPV for pod borer control and its uptake in Nepal (Grzywacz, D.; Pande, S.; Khanal, N.P.; Maharjan, R.); Farmers' empowerment, soil enrichment and wealth generation through chickpea-IPM in Nepal (Bourai, V.A.; Pande, S.; Neupane, R.K.; Stevenson, P.C.); rabi cropping and promoting winter legumes in rice fallows in Nepal (Khanal, N.; Joshi, K.D.; Harris, D.); bridging the gap: Role, responsibilities and approaches to scaling-up IPM of chickpea in Nepal (Khanal, N.P. and Khanal, N.); developing positive outcomes from livelihood studies (Pound, B.); Upscaling zero tillage in rice fallow lands of the Indo-Gangetic Plains: Some experiences (Gupta, R.K.; Pande, S.); role and responsibility of the media in promoting cost-effective farmer-friendly agricultural technologies (Basnet, B.M.); agriculture and mass media in Nepal: Link or missing link? (Lamsal, Y.); country-wide extension of integrated crop management of chickpea in Nepal: lessons learned and future approaches (Stevenson, P.C.; Pande, S.; Pound, B.).

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