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Common Name: Wild Safflower
Scientific Name: Carthamus oxycantha Beib.
  1. This is an annual winter season weed of compositae family.
  2. Its stem is erect and much branched.
  3. Its germination time is in December, and favours light soil.
  4. The seed sets in April-May and after maturity seed shatters on the ground.
  5. The propagation takes place through seeds which are light brown in colour with shining.
  6. In the harvesting of wheat, it creates hindrance due to spiny nature.
  7. After maturity its plants are seen rolling on the ground and carried to long distances by winds. During this process, seed shattering takes place, which spreads its infestation.
  8. It has simple and alternate spiny leaves.
  9. The upper leaves clasp the stem.
  10. Crowded yellow flowers form head.
  11. The fruit (Akene) is sessile.

Control Measures

  1. Pre-emergence application of Pendamethylene(Stomp 30EC)@1.0 kg a. i. with 750 litres of water per ha. The moisture regime of soil should be proper for better response.
  2.  Apply 2,4-D(or MCPA) @0.5 kg per ha. It is applied 25-30 days after sowing, after the crop has received its first irrigation at CRI stage.

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