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Pod Borers of Chickpea

Pod borers
Damage symptoms :
  • Feed on all green parts and defoliate young crops.

  • Large larvae cut round holes in the pod wall and devour the seed inside.

Description :

  • Adult is a large brown moth active at night.

  • Eggs are laid singly on the underside of leaflets.

  • The fully grown larva may be of several shades of yellow, pink, red, green, or black. But on chickpea, the larvae are green.

  • All larvae have characteristic and distinct light and dark bands along their sides.

  • Pupation occurs in the soil.

  • The life cycle is completed in about 4 weeks under optimum conditions.

Control :

  • Endosulfan and synthetic pyrethroids give good control if applied when larvae are small.

  • Insecticide dusts can be conveniently used because the dust adheres to the exudate- covered plants.

  • Considerable resistance to several insecticides have been reported.

  • Insecticide use should be used only when populations are above the economic threshold.

Damaging pod

Damaging Pods
Eggs Larva
Mudwasp carrying away Pod Borer larva
Mudwasp carrying away Pod Borer larva
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