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Plants from North East as potent natural antioxidants

Plants from North East as potent natural antioxidants

  1.  Eryngium foetidum                                 41.2
  2. Hydrocotyle asiatica                                53.2
  3. Oenanthe javanica                                  36.2
  4. Zizania latifolia                                      46.4
  5. Alpinia nigra                                          30.8
  6. Zanthoxylum acanthopodium                     69.2
  7. Hedychium flavum                                  49.1
  8. Allium hookeri                                       31.3
  9. Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus                        57.3
  10. Semicarpus anacardium                           35.8
  11. Houttuynia cordata                                 33.9

These plants are mainly distributed in north eastern (NE) zones of India. Extracts of the aerial and/or underground parts have been applied in traditional medicine for the treatment of different diseases, hence they have gained sufficient importance in Alternate medicinal therapy. The the antioxidant activities of extracts was evaluated in vitro systems to gain mechanistic insights. Results from antioxidant assays together with authentic antioxidant standards revealed that aqueous extract (AqEx) showed strong radical scavenging ability.



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