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Planting time: Sugarcane

Planting Time:

            Sugarcane cultivation alternates with the cultivation of other crops in four or five-year rotation.

Planting seasons:

  • In India, sugarcane is planted thrice a year in October (autumn), February-March (spring) and July (adsali).
  • Adsali planting is quite common in Maharashtra while autumn and spring plantings are more common in northern India.
  • Under North Indian conditions, sugarcane, by and large, is planted in spring.
  • Sugarcane requires about 25-32°C for good germination. This temperature requirement is met twice in north Indian conditions i.e. in the month of October and also in the months of February-March.
  • Autumn planting of sugarcane is done in the month of October.
  • For good yields, planting should be completed up to 20th October.
  • Delay in planting may cause reduction in yield as germination of sugarcane is reduced due to low temperature in late planting.
  • Spring cane is planted in February-March. March is the best time for cane planting in Punjab and Haryana, February-March in Uttar Pradesh and January-February in Bihar.
  • The planting time is advanced as we move towards east. In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka cane planting is done in December-February.
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