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Plant protection: Nursery Management.

Plant protection

Adaptation of plant protection measures in the nursery against the incidence of insect pest and diseases is very important task to get the healthy seedlings. Damping off seedlings, leaf curl, leaf blight diseases and leaf miner and borer infect the seedling in the nursery. The care for controlling them time to time is essential.

Damping off

  • This is very serious disease of nursery.
  • Pre-emergence death of seeds is seen.
  • In first instance girdling takes place on the stem near base of the stem and seedlings bent down near the ground and die.
  • The causal organisms are pythium, phytopthora, rhizoctonia and Fusarium fungi.
  • Treat the nursery bed either by soil solarization, formalin solution or formalin dust or fungicides like thiram or captan as discussed earlier.
  • Treat the seeds as discussed in seed treatment. If the disease appear after the seed emergence drench the nursery beds with 0.1% solution of brassicol or 0.7% captan or thiram after germination. It will be better to remove and burried the affected seedlings from the beds otherwise spread will be more.

The disease can be controlled to some extent by applying treated sand, soil and FYM mixture up to the level from where the seedlings are falling.

Leaf miner

It is very small sized insect enter in the leaves from margin side and move from one place to other by eating the chlorophyll. Initially the infected part of the leaves become brown and later on dry.


  • Spray 4% neem seed kernal extract on the plants (crush 40 g of neem seed kernal, add some water and allow them for overnight. In the morning filter the extract and makeup the volume 1000 ml.)
  • Spray Monocrotophos or Metasystox 1.5 ml/litre of water.

Raising of virus free seedlings

Leaf curl is a white fly transmitted viral disease, infestation starts from seedling stage and continue till harvest of the crop. The disease is specially seen in the tomato and sometime in chilli too and causes great loss of the crop.

The leaves of affected plants show curling, mottling, rolling puckering etc. It can be controlled by the following ways:

  • Treat the soil of the nursery by carbofuran 3-5 g/sqm.
  • Seed treatment with Imidachloprid @ 2.5 g/kg seed
  • Cover the seed bed after seed sowing by Agronet making a tunnel like structure.
  • Spray the nursery beds 15 days after seed germination at 7 days interval with Metasytox or Monocrotophos @ 1.5 ml/litre of water. Last spray is done 2 days before transplanting.
  • Remove the infected plants if any in the field and burried in with soil or burn.

In this way the raised seedlings will be healthy and free from viral diseases.

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