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Pigeon pea: What to do and what not to do?



What to do

What not to do

Field selection

  • Well drained area
  • Ridge & furrow and raised bed for proper drainage.
  • Avoiding water logged area.
  • Avoiding repetition in the same plot to minimize wilt incidence.
  • Avoiding ratoon crop or perennial pigeonpea to minimize mite population, in turn SMD incidence.
  • Avoiding planting in shade area as pigeonpea is susceptibility to low light intensity.

Field preparation

  • Summer Ploughing to reduce wilt incidence.


Seed Material

  • Selection of quality seed.
  • Seed treatment (Rhizobium Trichoderma) and seed priming (Boran, Molybdenum. Zinc), chemical (Thirum, captan. carbendazim)

Avoiding infested, damaged or in matured seed/old seed.


  • Recently released high yielding varieties.
  • Avoiding too old varieties.

Sowing time

  • Timely sowing
  • Avoiding too late sowing.

Fertilizer application

  • Application of organic fertilizer for sustainable agriculture and soil health in addition to inorganic fertilizer
  • Avoiding use of imbalance fertilizer.


  • Timely weeding and use of effective herbicide


  • Life saving and judicious application irrigation

Protection measures

  • Use of Resistant varieties prevailing condition
  • Monitoring of insect pest and disease incidence and proper plant protection measures.
  • Maximum care of cultural operation than chemicals.
  • Monitoring and control of harmful insect population. (Pheromone-traps, Light-trap bird perches and need based application of NSKE5%, HaNPV@ 250 LE, Endosulfan 0.07%, Indoxacarb) other cultural operation.
  • Avoiding unnecessary and excess use of chemicals to maintain the population of beneficial predators and parasites.
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