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Common Name: Wild Onion 
Scientific Name: Asphodelus tenuifoliius Cav. 


  1. This is annual erect weed of Liliaceae family.
  2. It has large number of basal, slender and hollow leaves.
  3. Its germination starts from last week of October to second fortnight of December.
  4. It grows preferably in light textured soil.
  5. Its propagation takes place through seeds, which are wrinkled with hard seed coat and are of blackish colour.
  6. A single plant can produce about 300-2000 seeds.
  7. The maturity of plant is come in the month of April and seed dispersion takes place after maturity.
  8. Full seeds are shattered of whole plant.
  9. It is a monocot bat it has tap root system like dicots.
  10. Flowering proceeds in upward direction and flowers are white and pinkish in colour.

Control Measures

  1. Pre-emergence application of Pendamethylene(Stomp 30EC)@1.0 kg a. i. with 750 litres of water per ha. The moisture regime of soil should be proper for better response.
  2. Apply Isoproturon @ 1.25 kg in heavy soil and 0.75 kg in light soil per ha. It is applied 25-30 days after sowing, after the crop has received its first irrigation at CRI stage.

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