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Phosphorus Nutrition of sorghum

Phosphorus Nutrition of sorghum

Phosphorus is essential to provide energy for the growth and development of sorghum plants.

Phosphorus is to a plant what wheels are for a car.

As a car cannot run on flat tyre even if the petrol tank is full, without phosphorus plant cannot grow even nitrogen supply is in plenty.Phosphorus availability helps in increased efficiency of nitrogen use by plants. Sorghum plants take phosphorus from seedling stage up to grain filling stage. So, phosphorus should be available to plants through out their growth. Also, phosphorus uptake was found to increase with increased availability of nitrogen. Many soils in sorghum-growing areas in India have shown to be deficient in phosphorus. However, it is a good practice and also economical to apply phosphorus based on soil- test recommendations.Entire phosphorus (P2O5) should be applied at the time of sowing along with nitrogen fertilizer.Phosphorus is not lost due to leaching. Furrow placement or side dressing is the best method of phosphorus application in the soil. This method of application minimizes the fixation of phosphorus in the soil.

furrow placement
    Furrow placement
Phosphorus fixation means unavailability of phosphorus for plants’ use.

side dressing1                       side dressing2
                               Side Dressing of phosphorus fertilizer
Sorghum seeds are sensitive to fertilizer burn. Do not apply fertilizer in the furrow with the seed or very near the seed in the row after sowing. Single super phosphate is a good source of phosphorus as it also contains calcium (19.5%), sulphur (12.5%) in addition to phosphorus (16%). Super phosphate also contains zinc and magnesium in traces.

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