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Pearl Millet Variety ICMV 1

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Plant Material Description no.1 (PMD) Pearl Millet Variety ICMV 1
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Pearl Millet Variety ICMV 1
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ICMV 1 was bred at ICRISAT from the 'World Composite' of pearl millet from Nigeria. The World Composite random mating population was constituted in 1971 at the Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, from derivatives of numerous crosses between worldwide sources of pearl millet germplasm and Nigerian early-maturing landraces, locally known as Gero millets. Full-sib recurrent selection was conducted on the World Composite at ICRISAT. During this selection 441 full-sib families, derived from selected, heterozygous plants in the previous generation, were tested at Coimbatore (southern India), Hisar (northern India), and ICRISAT Center. Seven superior full-sib families were selected at Coimbatore, with supporting data from the other two locations. In the same season, disease-free plants from the seven full-sib families were selfed in a downy mildew screening nursery at ICRISAT Center. The resulting S1 bulk was sown in the next season's downy mildew nursery, and bulk pollen was used to enforce intermating. The variety produced by this intermating was tested as WC-C75 in the All India Coordinated Millets Improvement Project (AICMIP) trials. In the five subsequent generations, before the production of breeder seed, a small proportion of the plants in this variety, which was naturally intermated in isolation, were discarded for poor agronomic characters.
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