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Pearl Millet Male-sterile line ICMA 1 and its Maintainer line ICMB 1

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Plant Material Description no.4 (PMD) Pearl Millet male-sterile line ICMA 1 and its maintainer line ICMB 1
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Pearl Millet Male-sterile line ICMA 1 and its Maintainer line ICMB 1
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ICMA 1 and ICMB 1 were developed by irradiating dry seeds of Tift 23DB, a maintainer line highly susceptible to downy mildew, with 30 kR of gamma rays from a 60Co source. M0 generation plants were selfed and grown head-torow in a downy mildew disease nursery. Dwarf, vigorous, and disease-free plants were both selfed and crossed with Tift 23DA (an A, system male-sterile line with proven high general combining ability). For those Tift 23DB selections that completely maintained sterility on Tift 23DA, the process of selection and backcrossing into A, cytoplasm was repeated twice a year for six generations in the downy mildew disease nursery at ICRISAT Center. The ICMA 1 and ICMB 1 pair was chosen on the basis of phenotypic similarity, vigor, seed-set, and downy mildew resistance, and the results of preliminary combining ability tests.

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