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Peanut stripe

Peanut Stripe

  Peanut stripe1Peanut stripe2



  • PStV is seed transmitted as well as trasmitted by aphids (Aphis craccivora, A. gossypii and Myzus persicae)



  • Symptoms vary, depending on the virus types (isolates) and groundnut cultivar.

  • Stripes appear in stripe isolate and groundnut cultivar.

  • Stripe isolates cause severe yield reductions. Mild mottles and blotches appear in the other isolates.


  1. Production and distribution of virus-free seed should be given a high priority.

  2. Selection of large seeds for sowing could reduce the source of prmary inoculum and this decreses the incidence of disease.

  3. Control vectors (Aphids) with Dimethoate @1ml/lt of water.

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