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pea leaves has powdery fungal growth

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I grow pea in Haldwani area. In my crop, in January ( Say mid Jan.) there is white powdery patchy growth on both the surfaces, later on symptoms also covers other green parts. This problems leads to dying plants prematurely and reduction in no and size of pods. Please tell me the cause and control as this is affecting the yield very much.

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Powdery Mildew of Pea

Your crop seems to be affected by powdery mildew., a fungal disease caused by Erysiphe polygoni. This disease is associated with dry weather, and your farm is in Haldwani which is Bhabar of Uttrakhand.This area has dry climate. So there are more chances of this disease. Pleas tally symptoms with picture given below.

:Powdery growth covering the leaf of pea plant

If your symptoms match with the picture, adopt following control measures:

1. Avoid late planting

2. After harvest , collect the plants left in the field and burn them.

3. Spray the crops with wettable wettable sulphur such as sulfex and thiovit at 3 kg/ha in 1000 Liter of water.

4. Give first spray just after appearance of disease and second after 14 days of the first spray.

5. Karathane is also recommonded

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