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Panicle and spikelet - morphology of rice


  • The inflorescence of rice plant, borne on terminal shoot and thus called as panicle.
  • It is determinate type and at maturity, it is droopy in nature.

                                               flowered rice spikelet

                                                        Fig: A flowered rice spikelet


  • A spikelet is the floral unit and consists of two sterile lemmas, a lemma, a palea and the flower.
  • Its parts are:
    1. Lemma: It is a 5- nerved hardened bract with a filiform extension (of the middle nerve) known as awn.
    2. Palea: IT is a 3- nerved bract slightly narrower than lemma.
    3. Flower: It consists of 6 stamens with two-celled anthers and a pistil with one ovary and two stigmas. The pistil contains one ovule.
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