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Other insect/pest of vegetable pea

Other insect/pest of vegetable pea

Pod Borer:

Causal Organism: Heliothes spp.

  • The young caterpillars start to feed on the surface of the pods, bore into them and feed on the seeds.
  • They make the pods unfit for consumption.


  • Spray Malathion (0.1%) or Carbaryl (0.2%) at regular intervals at the time of 50% flowering.

Stem fly

Causal Organism: Ophiomyia phaseoli

  • Fully grown larvae attack on the stem just above the ground level. The infected stem swells, cracks and turn brownish. The insect attack on early sown crop.


  • Sowing should be done in the second fortnight of October to avoid the attack.
  • Seed treatment with chlorpyriphos @ 5ml/kg seed for early sowing.
  • Spray Dimethoate (0.03%) or Monocrotophos (0.04%).


Causal organism: Bruchus Pisorum

  • The weevil lays eggs on the young pods and larvae bore into the pods.


  • Spray Endosulfan (0.03%).
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