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Organizational Forces Management by KVK Experts- An Empirical Study: Lakhan Singh

Organizational Forces Management by KVK Experts- An Empirical Study

The success of any organization will depend on the extent to which the organization provides its staff an enriching and nurturing quality of work life.  Favourable work climate may facilitate, empower, motivate and energize whole staff and unfavourable work life keeps apart from work. A study was conducted to ascertain the organizational forces in Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) in Uttar Pradesh, India. The work life perceived by the KVK scientists was rated on four dimensions: perceived influence, perceived amenities, nature of job and supervisory behavior. Perceived influence found at upper side of the scale and can be treated as greater level of satisfaction with the influence that they are able to exert in decision making process in the organization. So far nature of job and supervisory behavior are concerned the scientists’ perception is remarkably good. The scores of scientists on initiative and reflective behavior were poor. However, the mean score on self esteem was relatively better.  

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