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Organic production techniques in Pigeonpea - Traditional Varieties

Organic production techniques in Pigeonpea - Traditional Varieties

Important improved varieties suitable for Maharashtra, along with their crop duration are as follows:

  • Very early maturing (115 to 125 days) – ICPL-87, ICPL-151, TAT-10
  • Early maturing (130 to 150 days) – T. Vishakha-1, TT-6, AKT – 8811
  • Medium duration (155 to 170 days) – Badnapur-1 or 2, BSMR-736, BSMR-175
  • Long duration (above 180 days) – ICPL-87119, C-11

Selection of varieties should be done carefully keeping in mind the water retention capacity of the soil, water availability and irrigation conditions. In case of rain-fed conditions with low to no moisture availability beyond October and poor soils, early maturing varieties (130-150 days) should be preferred over medium and long duration. Market value of the particular variety grain is also important. Kalya Nakya (Black plumule), safed nakya (white plumule) are 2 general categories that fetch more price. “Ganesh”, “Asha”, “Maruti” are few other local varieties.

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